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Police private network for a new era of PDT
Admin: KDX      Time: 2013/12/31 14:25:01      View: 807
With the continuous development of social economy, the daily management of public security, the big event service security and counter-terrorism conflict needs very urgent, the growing demand for professional wireless communication, and the frequency of the existing analog wireless communication system resource utilization, low frequency interference becomes more and more serious, lack of means of communications security, unable to support the large capacity data services (such as the large capacity of GPS positioning, etc.) the problem can't meet the demand of the increasing emergency communication. 

In August 2008 by the ministry of public security started to develop the technical specification for the PDT police digital trunking communication system, has won national mandatory standard item 2 items, and the ministry of public security "golden shield project" phase ii standard project 6 items. Bureau of the ministry of public security branch letter to the provincial public security department issued in October 2011, the police digital cluster (PDT) communication systems - general technical specifications ". 

PDT digital cluster has a high quality digital voice, high frequency rates, digital ability, user, large capacity, regional system networking, low equipment cost, a smooth transition to the digital system compatible with the original simulation system, adopt domestic cryptographic algorithms high security protection, system construction and maintenance cost is low, the police business support capability is strong, with independent intellectual property rights and other significant advantages, marks a new era of PDT is coming, and has very broad market space for development. 

Public security professional wireless communication market is beginning to enter the analog-to-digital conversion time, according to conservative estimates, there are about 6000 base stations, 18000 the total number of channels, 1.2 million mobile terminal, 5 billion yuan more than the size of the market. If 5 years to complete the modulus conversion, 1 billion RMB per year on average over the size of the market. 

PDT standard should first application in public security industry as an industry standard, but as the end of the year as a national voluntary standards issued, will also be in civil air defense, the armed police, security and other public security industry, railways, highways, airports, ports, forestry, water conservancy, factories and other industries.