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Insiders talk about digital radio VS analog ra
Admin: KDX      Time: 2013/12/31 14:23:42      View: 952
HongHui in 1998, graduated from anhui construction industry institute building engineering computer aided design, security industry for 12 years, engaged in engineering project management, design, sales, technical support and other different roles; Served as the Bosch security sales manager in shenzhen office, MOTO information home appliances company in shenzhen south China area sales director, began in 2008 as a shenzhen to bond technology co., LTD. Sales manager. 

Q: as we all know, the intelligent and networking, integration is the development trend of building intercom, 08 to launch your company in the IP network building visual intercom series, has invested in many practical cases, do you think compared with analog interphone, digital intercom have what advantage? 

HongHui: technically, IP is a completely different technology and simulation products, the advantages of digital intercom is the most main aspects of the product function is a lot more, on the usage of it, digital radio is far more than the simulator. We start with the appearance, the simulation of intercom products, when no one visit, can only be idle aside, in a state of "black screen", and our digital intercom products, standby is an electronic photo album, can become the adornment in the home. For practical application, the digital radio, not only have the call, the basic function such as remote lock, also has family video calls is busy (address), take a message, information release, community monitoring and so on dozens of domestic inside and outside function, and is not restricted by distance, greatly satisfy the needs of the people's life. 

Another aspect, in construction management, digital radio than analog confidential is simple and convenient. Tell from the wiring, simulator need the multiconductor and video thread, while the numberical machine's only need a five kind of cables, cable cost decreased significantly; Tell from the equipment, simulator need and decoder, video distribution and amplifier, while the numberical machine's don't need to, as a result, the construction cost is greatly reduced. And, numberical machine's stability and anti-jamming is strong, signal transmission is not restricted by distance, for a large community building, digital intercom, of course, is the only option. However, digital intercom standalone cost is increased, mainly because of the core chip prices come down, inside the mould cost, development cost is very high, therefore, the price will be much more expensive than simulator. 

Q: building intercom "digital" has entered a substantive stage, compared with the traditional simulation products, attention and look forward to, also been questioned, such as the stability of the problem, in the face of such a situation, what do you think? 

HongHui: IP technology, it is a stable technology, the communication that has been developing for more than 20 years, from the security industry, technology than communication this late 10 to 20 years. The mature technology transplanted to the security industry, as to what you can put the products do, it's like the quality of the company's technology managers and developers. We also know that there are a lot of factories do not stable, in the midst of a lot of buildings, let the customer not satisfied. But each company's situation is different, for example, our products have been put into use in more than 20 projects in the country, so far, no customer reflect our products is not stable, just think the price is high. 

Q: digital intercom products is much better than the simulation of the intercom product price, it will not affect sales? What are your company sales channels, the larger the sales is what kind of sales? 

HongHui: digital interphone, price is too high to sales is certainly can have the influence, however, the overall price trend is downward, is mainly a core chip problem, development cost and mould cost, with the increase of amount, the cost will come down slowly. As for the sales channels, our strategy is "si", what is the mode of effective, we will use what way. Currently has sales outlets throughout the country to state: sales branch was established in Beijing, Shanghai, wuhan, in 18 provincial cities set up offices or agents, another 2000 - odd dealer with my company maintained a long-term relations of cooperation. In the domestic market, to state the brand and product has gained a solid position, a few years to turnover is growing at a speed of more than 50% each year. From the point of sales, or sales than some big companies and branch, because the company internal personnel quality, understanding of the products are relatively high, and the chamber of commerce agency a lot of products, sales staff will sound understanding of the product is poor,'s ability to provide service to customers is also lower, for these aspects, when necessary, our company will make some appropriate adjustments. 

Q: the communication market in China is experiencing the transition from analog to digital, intelligent product requirements are increasingly high, to the question of the intelligent building intercom please talk about your view. 

HongHui: questions about intelligent intercom products, is my personal understanding, improve product usage. The communication as the standard of real estate, its utilization rate has been lower, how to improve its utilization, intelligent is one direction. So, the concept of intelligent, is security, intelligence, a home phone line is through, you can answer the phone call, you can call forwarding, can make the electronic photo album, can make the network camera, etc., a purpose, is to improve the utilization rate of products, make the product value. Intelligent and IP number is the concept of a combined with each other, digital, intelligent can better, go line simulator, as he used to be no way to realize the intelligent, limitations, cannot use. 

Q: the security industry competition is intense, in the face of such market conditions, to state what strategy next? 

HongHui: from product technically, our overall strategy has been IP. Our product covers many fields, but is to develop in the direction of IP. Building intercom products, for example, we started, launched the first product is IP network, no simulation products. Now, the prison intercom products is also the basic IP, bank, hospital did IP intercom products. Product promotion, came back from the IP digital talkback launch, across the country last year a dozen central city tour, including hangzhou, Beijing, nanjing, chengdu, shenyang, wuhan, etc., this year we also do some of the center city tour, echo is very good.